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How Migraines Can Lose You Wealth in Maitland

Do you suffer from migraines? If so, you may already know how expensive this problem can be, not only to you but to your family and even your employer.

People who suffer from migraine headaches, or migraineurs, often miss important events due to the headaches, which creates a big loss in their quality of life. Health care costs are also higher (on average, seventy percent higher) for families with a migraineur then for other families.

Migraines can also lead to lost income as work is missed due to the headaches. Some people may also wonder if their days of missed work has led them to be passed over for promotions and raises as well.

But before judging the employer, consider the costs to the company. In the United States, migraines have been estimated to cost employers over twenty-four billion dollars every year. Roughly half of that cost is due to indirect expenses like missed productivity, worker’s compensation, and short-term disability.

These cost estimates do not include the cost of “presenteeism,” which refers to the lost productivity of employees who report to work with a migraine.

The highest direct cost to employers is outpatient care, which is needed by most migraine sufferers.

Outpatient care alone costs employers of migraine sufferers in the United States $6.2 billion each year. Prescription drug costs for employers of migraine sufferers are approximately $5.2 billion each year in the United States. Inpatient care and emergency room visits add to these costs.

The high costs of migraines are not just a national issue. The United Kingdom is also experiencing this problem. Some estimates in the United Kingdom cite twenty-five million days lost from work or school due to migraines. The costs of this missed time is so high that migraine sufferers are encouraged to seek preventative treatment, which may lower costs over time.

Many migraines and general headaches can be help with chiropractic care.  Come see your Maitland Chiropractor today for an evaluation 407-629-5333.

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