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Ways To Alleviate Slipped Disc Pain With Chiropractic Care In Winter Park

Have you been recently suffering from a “slipped disc” in your back? This can be one of the most painful conditions that any one can experience. A “slipped disc” can make the normal challenges of a typical day into unbearable chores that are rife with pain

Your spine is composed of a column of 33 bones called vertebrae that are stacked upon each other and are separated by spinal discs. These spinal discs are composed of cartilage (with a soft “jelly bean” like center) and essentially act as a connective ligament between each bone. These discs are critical for the functional support and movement of the spinal column.

The term “slip a disc” is not really an accurate description of the condition. The “slip” is actually a herniation of the disc. This refers to the tearing or rupturing of the outer layer of the structure resulting in the bulging of the much softer interior core (soft “jelly bean” like center).

A “slipped disc” can be caused by many different situations. Often, they are the result of normal wear and tear that the body endures during a lifetime. Occupations that require someone to sit for long periods of time, or require heavy lifting, may increase your chances of injuring your back by this mechanism.

There are different types of symptoms associated with a “slip” depending on the location in the spine. A cervical spinal herniation will usually cause pain in the back of the skull, the neck, shoulders, and arms. A “slip” that occurs in the lower back, or lumbar region, may manifest pain in the back itself, the thigh and hamstring (back of leg), with radiating (or shooting) pain to the calf or foot.

There are a number options available to relieve complications associated with a “slipped disc.” One of these options includes the use of chiropractic. A chiropractor can re-adjust or realign the spinal bones and discs into their proper orientation to restore function and mobility. These actions often reduce the overall pain and associated complications.

If you or a loved one has incurred a “slipped disc”, your daily life is probably affected more than you may realize. Don’t take this condition lightly as there are multiple treatment options for relief including the use of a chiropractor in Winter Park.

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