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Can Arthritis Cause More Bodily Injury in Accidents in Maitland?

It has often been said that if an accident victim has pre-existing arthritis (degenerative joint disease- sponylosis), that the ensuing bodily injury was most likely pre-existing. That couldn’t be further from the truth. As an example, if a 21-year-old body builder and a 92-year-old man that is  4’2” and riddled with arthritis are both in the same accident, who will be hurt more, the person with no arthritis or the person with a significant amount of arthritis? The answer is, the 92-year-old man with a significant amount of arthritis.

(1) Rao et al. (2005) (2) Kaale et al. (2005) (3) Ehara et al. (2001) (4) Regenbogen et al. (1986) all conclude in their research that pre-existing arthritic degeneration causes more bodily injury then a person with no arthritis. Beyond the research, common sense dictates the same conclusion.

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