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Strain / Sprain & Permanency in Winter Park

Strain/sprains can be permanent. There are 3 grades of sprain/strain:

  • Grade 1: Overstretching of the ligament that is a transient condition that resolves.


  • Grade 2: Partial tearing of the ligament that does not heal, it wound repairs, with internal scar tissue called adhesions. This is a permanent change in tissue structure and leaves the joint unstable.


  • Grade 3: This is a complete tear of the ligament and can require surgery. This leaves the joint very unstable, that over time will fill in with adhesions. This, too, is a permanent scenario.


Doctors are not given the choice of choosing which type of strain/sprain in their diagnosis, as the coding guidelines only gives the doctor 1 choice. When confronted with a diagnosis from a doctor with strain/sprain, do not assume that it is a grade 1.   Ask the doctor to clarify which grade the patient has to determine if it is a permanent condition or not. These can happen in any joint of the body including the spine and all extremities. Strain / Sprain type injuries are the some of the most common experienced in auto accidents.  Whiplash can be a severe sprain / strain type injury.  If you have been injured in a car accident call 407-629-5333 for a full evaluation today.

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