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Winter Partk Chiropractor: Arthritis Sufferers Experience More Bodily Injury in Accidents

It has often been argued by insurance claims adjusters that if an accident patient  has pre-existing arthritis (degenerative joint disease- sponylosis), that the resulting bodily injury was most likely pre-existing.  This claim couldn’t be further from the truth.

 As an example, if a 22-year-old body builder and a 90-year-old man that is  4’2” and riddled with arthritis are both in the same accident, who will be hurt more, the person with no arthritis or the person with a significant amount of arthritis? The answer is, the 90-year-old man with a significant amount of arthritis.

 Rao et al. (2005) 2) Ehara et al. (2001) 3) Kaale et al. (2005)  4) Regenbogen et al. (1986) all conclude in their research that pre-existing arthritic degeneration causes more bodily injury than a person with no arthritis.  Beyond the research, common sense dictates the same.

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Arthritis of Spine

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