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Orlando Chiropractor: Whiplash Injury

What is whiplash?  Another name for whiplash is cervical acceleration-deceleration injury.  In this example, there is a rear impact and the occupant’s first motion is up. This is called the ramping effect and is due to the spine pushing against the seat, flattening the spinal curve. This upward motion, in many cases, causes the head to rise above safe levels of the head-rest. The neck-head fully extends past its normal limits, tearing ligaments and discs (herniation).  The head then “whips” forward while the brain is still going backwards, due to the fluid area in the back of the brain, and the brain hits the back of the skull. This can cause bleeding in the brain or hematoma. The neck-head then goes past its normal forward limits, tears ligaments and discs (herniation), then “whips” back once more, with the brain hitting the front of the skull. The damage to the brain is called a “Coup-Contrecoup Injury,” and can cause bleeding in the brain.

The whiplash mechanism, which is often taken lightly, usually causes serious pathology, such as disc herniation, bleeding and tearing of tissue; that can be permanent conditions. In many cases, whiplash can be caused from a single vehicle, no damage, accident. If you have been in a recent car accident or have auto injury questions, then call your Orlando chiropractor today 407-629-5333.  Pain relief from whiplash type injuries is usually easier to manage the sooner treatment begins; call today 407-629-5333.  Post accident headaches should be promptly evaluated.

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