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Maitland Chiropractor Spinal Cord Compression vs. Spinal Cord Abutment

 When a space occupying lesion (something that doesn’t belong in a space, i.e. splinter, bullet or tumor) or in the form of a herniated disc (by definition always from trauma), goes beyond the borders of the disc/vertebrate into the spinal canal, it can touch and/or push the spinal cord.  If it pushes the spinal cord against the back of the spinal canal in a “pincer” fashion, with pressure both in front and back of the spinal cord, the result is a cord compression. When the herniated disc simply touches, or is against the spinal cord, leaving space behind the spinal cord, the result is a cord abutment. The difference is dramatic in symptomatology and necessity for treatment, where the cord compression is a much more serious condition, often necessitating surgery.

 If you think you have a herniated disc or other back pain condition, then call your Maitland Chiropractor today to discuss non-surgical pain relief options 407-629-5333.

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