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Maitland Doctor Supervised Weight-loss

Doctor Supervised Weight-loss

 “Cleanse” Targets Food Additives, Pesticides, and Environmental Pollutants as Underlying Cause for Obesity


Flush toxins from internal organs and tissues and body burns fat faster,  

says Dr. Channing Bolick of Orlando Florida’s Bolick Clinic.


MAITLAND, FL– A family practice chiropractor says by flushing toxins out of his patients he is able to help them safely and rapidly lose unwanted pounds and inches.  Dr. Channing Bolick, executive director of The Bolick Clinic of Maitland, Florida, says after undergoing the 9-day cleansing program, even patients suffering from long-term obesity are able to shed weight and keep it off.  Dr. Channing C. Bolick, D.C. of The Bolick Clinic of Chiropractic and Cleansing Center, has helped countless patients regain health and vitality.  Assisted by his associate and Cleansing Director Lisa Lenning; Dr. Bolick created a well respected family practice whose purpose is to help as many people as they can live healthy, drug free lives.

 “Cleansing is a great solution for habitual dieters who are never quite able to lose that “spare tire”, says Dr. Bolick. “Once we rid the body of toxins, that spare tire is finally able to be metabolized by the body and turned into fuel.”

            Dr. Bolick says the reason cleansing assists weight loss is, as a defense mechanism, the body “hides” toxic molecules deep within the fat tissues in order to dilute them and keep them from reaching the vital organs.  Once those toxins are removed through cleansing, the body no longer needs to hold onto those fat tissues and they can then be “burned off”.

            “We routinely see patients lose 9 to 15 pounds during the 9 day cleansing program,” says Dr. Bolick. “Not only do they look better, but patients report feeling much healthier with much more energy than before.  This program has also unstuck people who were at a flat point on traditional diets and got them losing again.”

            Dr. Bolick’s cleanse includes a series of all-natural supplements, an aloe vera juice drink, and a protein shake containing 200 nutrients, enzymes, and minerals.

            “I’ve lost 30 pounds as a result of cleansing, so I know it works” said Dr. Bolick. I would never ask any patient to try a program that I haven’t used successfully myself.”

What makes their clinic so unique is the fact that they have been successfully helping patients not only with excellent chiropractic care, but are also helping their patients look good, lose weight, have more energy, and change their lives.

The Cleansing Program is composed of organic nutrients and is based on a scientific formulation that works synergistically as a system. “This is not a starvation diet or a fast, but a fully nutritionally balanced program.”

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