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Alarming Content of Sugar in Children’s Lunchboxes

Kids learn to prepare their own lunches and do junk food experiments

as part of innovative weight loss program

The rising rate of childhood obesity has driven some parents to desperate solutions like gastric bypass surgery and children’s diet pills.  But chiropractor and nutrition practitioner, Dr. Channing Bolick, says these measures fail to deal with the fundamental causes of weight gain.

To keep your kids at optimum weight, Dr. Bolick suggests:

   1.  Make a “food contract”. Outline which fresh vegetables, fibers, unprocessed oils and proteins your children must eat for a week to be rewarded with a meal of THEIR choice.

   2.  Allow educational “experiments” with bad foods. Forbidding junk food only creates more desire for it.  Allow children some sugary snacks, but ask them to observe what happens after eating these foods.  If they tell you ice cream makes them hyperactive, give them credit for their self- discovery of “cause and effect”.

   3.  Involve children in family meal preparation, but teach nutrition as you go.  As your child is chopping spinach, say, “spinach has lots of vitamin B6, which makes red blood cells. That’s why we like it.”  Of course, this involves nutritional homework on your part.

   4.  Let children prepare their own school lunches. Children’s food preferences change often, so be sure to offer plenty of options. Celery sticks or a small salad topped with nuts and fruit is a great starter. Add chicken breast, fish, or lean beef for protein.

  5.  Save Carbs for PM, not AM. Train overweight children to cut out cereals and toaster treats in the morning, and instead choose eggs and a protein shake.  Dr. Bolick recommends food allergy testing which he can often do in one office visit to reduce the potential of allergic food reactions.

   6.  Teach good health habits by example.  If your exercise consists of sitting in front of the TV eating ice cream, your children will grow up doing the same thing. But if you eat well and exercise regularly, chances are your children will, too.

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