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Maitland Orlando Chiropractor Receives Award

Dr. Channing Bolick Receives Miracle Award for

Clinical Excellence from Palmer College of Chiropractic


College honors Florida chiropractor’s success in treating 21 degree spinal curvature

in ten-year-old boy using only chiropractic adjustments


MAITLAND, FL  Dr. Channing Bolick, Director of The Bolick Clinic and Physical Therapy of Maitland, Florida (www.bolickclinic.com), has been awarded Palmer College of Chiropractic’s Miracle Award for Clinical Excellence for 2006.  Presented at the school’s Davenport, Iowa campus on August 12, the award was given in recognition of Dr. Bolick’s success in utilizing chiropractic adjustments to correct a 21 degree lateral bend in the spine of a ten-year-old male patient diagnosed with autistic spectrum disorder.

            “One of the noteworthy aspects to this case was that the boy’s scoliosis, or abnormal lateral spinal curvature, was corrected through chiropractic adjustments alone.  No other therapies or modalities were used,” said Dr. Bolick. 

Dr. Bolick said eleven manual chiropractic adjustments were administered to the patient from February 1 through February 27th, 2006.  After these eleven treatments,

X-rays showed no trace of scoliosis.  Subjectively, the patient reported his chronic back pain “was gone”, his co-ordination had improved, his attention span had increased, and he was more able to focus.  The boy also reported better muscle balance and a diminished problem with echolalia, (a condition where an individual feels compelled to immediately repeat back whatever is said to him).  

            After the award presentation, Dr. Bolick reviewed the case and displayed slides of the patient’s before and after X-rays for the public, students, and physicians attending in attendance.

            “I was extremely honored to be named as one of the recipients of the Miracle Award and to be able to present this patient’s case history,” said Dr. Bolick.            

“Since the discovery of chiropractic [in 1895], chiropractors have seen many miracles take place,” said Dr. James Van Wagoner, who presented the award on behalf of Palmer College.  “We commend Dr. Bolick for his dedication to his patients and to chiropractic.”

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