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Maitland Heartburn Relief Starts with ….

 Treating Digestive Problems without Medication or Surgery


Heartburn Relief Starts with Shoe Inspection

at Orlando Area Clinic


Series of innovative 10-second examinations help doctors at

The Bolick Clinic locate underlying reasons for digestive problems like acid reflux, excessive gas, cramps, and constipation



It might never occur to you that an uneven wear pattern on the soles of your shoes could have anything to do with your bouts of heartburn, stomach cramps, and constipation, but according to one Orlando-area chiropractor, it usually does.


“Uneven wear on the soles signals that the bones in the spine and pelvis are not properly aligned and may be blocking certain nerves important to the function of the digestive system,” says Dr. Channing Bolick, founder of The Bolick Clinic in Maitland, Florida.


Dr. Bolick, who reports a frequent success rate in resolving the digestive complaints of his patients, says the physical stress from spinal misalignment can often cause the body to divert blood away from the digestive system resulting in indigestion, diarrhea, constipation, and colon spasms.


“The physical stress caused by out-of-place vertebrae can also trigger overproduction of stomach acid and cause the nervous system to over-produce an adrenal hormone, which inhibits digestive function and increases the risk of gastric ulcers,’ says Dr. Bolick 


While Dr. Bolick’s prescription for optimum digestive health includes eliminating fried foods from the diet, eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, and taking digestive enzymes and supplements containing beneficial intestinal bacteria, he says that the most important step on the road to trouble free digestion is to reposition the spinal vertebrae so that nerves sending signals to the digestive system are not stressed or pinched.


“When accompanied by proper nutrition and exercise, a properly aligned spine produces very positive improvement in digestion,” says Dr. Bolick.


Below are a few quick tests Dr. Bolick uses at his clinic. He says anyone suffering from digestive problems can perform these tests on himself/herself to determine whether spinal misalignment needs to be addressed as part of a digestion repair program.



1.  Inspect the soles of your shoes.  If the wear is uneven, you probably have misalignment


2.  Reach your right hand around in back of your head and touch the left side of your chin.  Reach your left hand around in back of your head and touch the right side of your chin.  If there is a difference in your ability to reach, you have a misalignment.


3.  Turn your head to the right and try to touch your shoulder with your chin.  Do the same to the left.  If the maneuver is not equally easy for both sides, there is misalignment.


4.  Reach over your shoulder and behind your back with your right hand and bring your left hand up from below to meet it.  Then bring your left hand over and behind and bring up your right hand to meet it.  If there is a difference, then you have a misalignment.


5.  Look in a mirror or reflective surface.  If your shoulders are not absolutely level, then you have a misalignment.


“A natural approach to handling digestive problems must always include addressing physical stress on the nervous system, as well as diet and nutrition,” says Dr. Bolick. 

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