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New Test for Fibromyalgia in Maitland

New Test for Fibromyalgia 

     If you suffer from muscle pain, feel irritable, and can’t shake that feeling of fatigue, you may be on of the thousands of undiagnosed people suffering from Fibromyalgia – a disease that is often misunderstood and only recently diagnosed.


     Fibromyalgia is the diagnosis of whole-body pain, said Dr. Channing Bolick, a chiropractor with The Bolick Clinic at 500 E. Horatio Ave. in Maitland. It affects the fibrous connective tissues and soft tissues in the body, and can be very debilitating when full-blown.


     “There are set guidelines for the diagnosis, but there are trigger points that are associated with it,” Bolick said. “The problem is that it’s not understood by a lot of practitioners… although it’s getting to be more well-known. The actual diagnosis came about seven or eight years ago.”


    “We want to help people understand what it is, how it affects you and what can be done to get relief,” he said.


     Fibromyalgia is more prevalent in women that in men. Studies show that 90 percent of patients diagnosed are female, Bolick said. The disease is characterized by generalized pain the neck, shoulders, arms, lower back and legs. But there are tons of associated symptoms that go along with it, including sleep problems, digestive problems and irritability and fatigue.


     “There’s a lot of things that have been tried and are in the works (to treat Fibromyalgia) including medication and physical therapy,” Bolick said. “Chiropractors have been getting more involved and have been successful in dealing with it.”


     There is a new non-invasive test for Fibromyalgia that may produce relief of symptoms that could last days, minutes or even weeks.  Not available in Florida until now, it will now be offered at the Bolick Clinic. People who respond well to the test are typically good candidates for this new treatment regimen. Even if you think you know all about Fibromyalgia, you will learn something new, as this has never been available in this area.  If you have had failed courses of medical treatment, chiropractic or otherwise you definitely want to come and get tested and see if this is right for you.

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