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March 2010

A Maitland Chiropractor May Help Your Accident Related Headaches

Accidents are traumatic events all on their own.  Whether it was a car accident, work injury or sports injury.  Often, you also have physical trauma to go along with them. When you have accident related injuries, you should visit a Maitland Chiropractor as soon as you are able to do so. It is important to get these injuries treated quickly because at times they will not heal properly if not …Read More

Maitland Chiropractor Factors Affecting the Whiplash Injury

There are several factors that affect a whiplash injury, including: ·                  Body position at impact ·                  Overall physical condition and general state of health ·                  Awareness of coming impact ·                  Gender It should be known that some of these factors related to whiplash are within the patient’s ability to control while others are not. In this Blog Entry: ·                  What is Whiplash? ·                  How does Whiplash Occur? ·                  Factors Affecting …Read More

Maitland Chiropractor Cold Laser Therapy

Laser therapy has been reported helpful in wound healing and chronic pain. It is a fast, painless modality which can be administered by a chiropractor.  According to the Cochrane report results for wound healing and chronic pain relief are evident however more study is needed to determine protocols for effectual wave lengths and time exposure  What is a cold light laser? Low-level laser light is compressed light of the red part …Read More

Altamonte Springs Dairy Free Diet

Easy Recipe for Almond Milk a Substitute for Cow Milk   Almond Milk 1 cup almonds or almond meal (ground almonds) in 1 quart of water 1 Tbs. of cold-pressed oil or melted ghee (clarified butter) is optional. Blanch almonds (pour boiling water over nuts).  After one minute, remove almonds form water and cool.  Once cool, slip skins off with fingers.  Blend blanched, skinned almonds, oil or ghee, and 1 …Read More

Maitland Chiropractor Vitamin D Update

Evidence has shown that low blood vitamin D Levels are associated with increased risk for heart disease, diabetes, depression, dental caries, osteoporosis, and periodontal disease, all of which are either considered risk factors for dementia or have preceded incidence of dementia.    Vitamin D and Pregnancy: It appears that vitamin D insufficiency during pregnancy is potentially associated with increased risk of preeclampsia, insulin resistance and gestational diabetes mellitus.  Sufficient amounts …Read More