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May 2010

Ways To Alleviate Slipped Disc Pain With Chiropractic Care In Winter Park

Have you been recently suffering from a “slipped disc” in your back? This can be one of the most painful conditions that any one can experience. A “slipped disc” can make the normal challenges of a typical day into unbearable chores that are rife with pain Your spine is composed of a column of 33 bones called vertebrae that are stacked upon each other and are separated by spinal discs. …Read More

Whiplash in Maitland, Things You Should Know

I had a patient ask, “I was in a car accident and think I have whiplash, should I be concerned?” If you have been in an automobile collision and think you may have been injured it is cause for concern. “What do I need to know?” The information in this article is specific and will answer a lot of questions regarding whiplash injuries for auto collisions. What is whiplash? Our …Read More

How A Maitland Chiropractic Doctor Helps Chronic Migraine Sufferers

If you suffer from migraine headaches you know how debilitating they can be. It is difficult to so much as get out of bed. Getting ready and going in to work is almost an impossibility. There is good news, Dr. Channing C. Bolick, D.C. shows how a Maitland Chiropractic Doctor Helps Chronic Migraine Sufferers. Why wait? Why take medication that may have detrimental side effects when a chiropractor can help …Read More

How Hurt Can Someone be in a Car Accident in Winter Park?

Vehicle size. When both are equal, even an 8 mph collision produces two times the force of gravity or a 2-G acceleration of the car, and a 5-G acceleration of the head. This magnification of the force gives rise to the name, Whiplash.   (G-force is: a force acting on a body as a result of acceleration or gravity, informally described in units of acceleration equal to one G. For example, …Read More

5 Interesting Whiplash Facts in Altamonte Springs

Whiplash is usually the result of a rear vehicle impact while in a stationary position (like stopped in traffic).  Whiplash is a relatively common injury that is often ignored or mistreated due to lack of understanding of the condition.  Early evaluation and treatment leads to a more rapid recovery than prolonged immobilization or use of a cervical collar.  Failure to properly educate and treat patients with whiplash can lead to …Read More

How Migraines Can Lose You Wealth in Maitland

Do you suffer from migraines? If so, you may already know how expensive this problem can be, not only to you but to your family and even your employer. People who suffer from migraine headaches, or migraineurs, often miss important events due to the headaches, which creates a big loss in their quality of life. Health care costs are also higher (on average, seventy percent higher) for families with a …Read More

Winter Park Facts and Tips About Whiplash Injuries

The symptoms of whiplash (like neck pain & spasm) often take awhile to develop. You may feel pain and other symptoms starting about two hours after the initial injury—or it may take days, weeks, or months in some cases before you feel anything is wrong. Some people with whiplash like injuries improve within a couple of weeks. The more ligaments and tendons are injured, the longer healing may take. For …Read More

Ways Orlando Sciatica Issues Helped By Chiropractic Care

Painful sciatica will have you seeking some type of relief. Your Maitland chiropractor may be able to help with this. His gentle adjusting of the spine could relieve some of your pain. The nerves being pinched at the spine are possibly the direct cause of the pain. This is what the chiropractor believes in. When not enough blood is being flowed to the nerves, the result is pain elsewhere. Pinched …Read More