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June 2010

Whiplash & Chiropractic Treatment in Maitland, Winter Park

Whiplash is a puzzling injury and billions of dollars each year to treat it. Yet many lawyers, legislators, and medical doctors deny its existence. It affects millions of people around the world, yet research is severely under-funded. It is a largely preventable injury, yet we do little to prevent it. Fortunately, times are changing as whiplash enters a new phase of research and understanding. “We now have a completely new …Read More

Osteoporosis in Maitland and Winter Park

With the “Baby Boomer” generation graying osteoporosis has become a growing concern. If you are at risk for osteoporosis knowing what you can do about it is critical. There are two types of osteoporosis: What determines the existence of either type is the amount of calcium left in the skeleton and whether it places a person at risk for fracture. The Two Types of Osteoporosis: 1. Primary osteoporosis can consist …Read More

Chiropractic “Only Proven Effective Treatment” for Chronic Whiplash (info by Chiropractor Maitland)

Study Says 74% of Chronic Whiplash Patients Improved with Chiropractic A new study published in the Journal of Orthopaedic Medicine1 not only points out the superiority of chiropractic care for chronic whiplash patients, but also examines which chronic whiplash patients respond best to chiropractic care. The authors begin the paper by explaining that: “Conventional treatment of patients with whiplash symptoms is disappointing.” “A retrospective study by Woodward et al., demonstrated …Read More

Little Known Connection About: Pain, Dizziness & Headaches in Winter Park and Maitland

What Every Sufferer Should Know. . . If you’ve ever had a pounding headache that ruins your day, makes you unproductive at work, or gets you sick to your stomach, than this letter may be very important to you. Are you plagued with episodes of dizziness and vertigo?  And, then this letter is even more important if you’ve sought help elsewhere and are still suffering. Many people aren’t aware of …Read More

Dizziness, Vertigo, Disequilibrium and the Chiropractic Patient in Maitland

Dizziness is a common complaint in the chiropractic clinic. It is a generic term that must be clearly defined and its cause properly characterized and diagnosed for appropriate treatment to be implemented. It is a complaint that is often treatable via chiropractic manipulative and myofascial (soft tissue) and rehabilitative procedures (like specific exercises and rehab). The step in handling a dizziness complaint is to accurately identify the actual nature of …Read More

Epley Maneuver for Benign Vertigo in Maitland

In Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV) dizziness is generally thought to be due to debris which has collected within a part of the inner ear.  This debris can be thought of as “ear rocks”, although the formal name is “otoconia”. Ear rocks are small crystals of calcium carbonate derived from a structure in the ear.  Normally “ear rocks” (otoconia) appear to have a slow turnover. They are probably dissolved naturally …Read More

8 Tips for Returning to Activities After a Car Accident in Orlando

The following 8 tips for returning to daily activities after a car accident are only for educational purposes and are not medical advice.  These tips assume that there was not major trauma damage, unhealed fractures, severe whiplash or other complicating factors.  Please seek the professional advice of a physician if you feel that you have been injured in any type of accident.   Chiropractors have been found to be helpful in evaluating …Read More

Maitland Chiropractor Offers Migraine Headache Relief Strategies

If you could escape the pain of a migraine because a Maitland chiropractor offers migraine headache relief strategies without invasive therapy, wouldn’t you find that highly beneficial? For many people with the stubborn pain that comes with a migraine, the potential for natural relief is a solution that they’ve been looking for. After they have tried various pain medicine like Ibuprofen, Aspirin and Tylenol or various prescription medications like Topamax, …Read More

Yeast Free Eating Plan for Candida Recovery in Maitland

While recovering from a Candida or other “yeast” or fungal infection in addition to any antifungal agents changing your diet can also be helpful.  Natural agents such as Berberine, Carprylic Acid, Goldenseal, Oregano Tanalbit; Undecylenic Acid and Uva Ursi have been reported to have some anti-yeast activity.  For severe or resistant yeast, fungal and Candida infections prescriptive agents such as Fluconazole (Diflucan), Itraconazole (Sporanox), Ketoconazole (Nizoral) and Nystatin have been …Read More