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August 2011

Maitland Acupuncture & Whiplash

The term whiplash (neck pain from an acceleration/deceleration injury) in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) can result in pain and discomfort or weakness in one or both sides of the upper back, neck and head. The quality of pain could be stabbing, burning, and/or spasm, and is often associated with stiffness and numbness. Whiplash is caused by a physical trauma which usually causes injury to the soft tissue of the neck …Read More

Orlando Chiropractor: Whiplash Injury

What is whiplash?  Another name for whiplash is cervical acceleration-deceleration injury.  In this example, there is a rear impact and the occupant’s first motion is up. This is called the ramping effect and is due to the spine pushing against the seat, flattening the spinal curve. This upward motion, in many cases, causes the head to rise above safe levels of the head-rest. The neck-head fully extends past its normal …Read More

Winter Partk Chiropractor: Arthritis Sufferers Experience More Bodily Injury in Accidents

It has often been argued by insurance claims adjusters that if an accident patient  has pre-existing arthritis (degenerative joint disease- sponylosis), that the resulting bodily injury was most likely pre-existing.  This claim couldn’t be further from the truth.  As an example, if a 22-year-old body builder and a 90-year-old man that is  4’2” and riddled with arthritis are both in the same accident, who will be hurt more, the person …Read More