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Winter Park Chiropractor Three Ways To Manage Your Sciatic Pain Relief

It is most distressing to have an injured back. At first when you harm your back it will be normal to worry about how long it is going to take to recover and whether there’s lasting damage. But, it is very important put these anxieties aside if you are to have a successful recover. There are three basic stages of recovery from a back injury and each calls for distinct …Read More

Warning: 7 Tips Everybody Ought to Know About Auto Accidents in Orlando

No one likes to think about getting into a traffic accident, but it’s important to plan. Sources cite the likelihood of being in a car accident anywhere from 25% to 80% in a person’s lifetime. Here are seven steps you can take to make sure the process proceeds as smoothly as possible. 1. Be prepared before it happens While auto insurance policies don’t make for exciting reading, you need to …Read More

Maitland Doctor Supervised Weight-loss

Doctor Supervised Weight-loss  “Cleanse” Targets Food Additives, Pesticides, and Environmental Pollutants as Underlying Cause for Obesity   Flush toxins from internal organs and tissues and body burns fat faster,   says Dr. Channing Bolick of Orlando Florida’s Bolick Clinic.   MAITLAND, FL– A family practice chiropractor says by flushing toxins out of his patients he is able to help them safely and rapidly lose unwanted pounds and inches.  Dr. Channing Bolick, executive …Read More

Orlando & Maitland FL, Auto Accident Stats

A whiplash injury occurs when the head and neck are thrown very quickly in one direction and then rebounds in another. Studies indicate that injury can occur at impact speeds of 8 mph where there is little or no damage to the car itself. National Transportation Safety Council: A one vehicle accident at 10 mph is the equivalent of a person from a second story elevation throwing a 50 lb. …Read More