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Orlando & Maitland FL, Auto Accident Stats

A whiplash injury occurs when the head and neck are thrown very quickly in one direction and then rebounds in another. Studies indicate that injury can occur at impact speeds of 8 mph where there is little or no damage to the car itself. National Transportation Safety Council: A one vehicle accident at 10 mph is the equivalent of a person from a second story elevation throwing a 50 lb. …Read More

Unraveling the Mystery of Fibromyalgia Maitland

Fibromyalgia breaks down as FIBRO: from fiber or fibrous – tissues. MY: from myo – meaning muscle. ALGOS: from algia – meaning pain. IA: meaning state of, or condition. Fibromyalgia simply means a condition which is characterized by pain in the muscles and soft tissue fibers of the body. According to a paper published by the American College of Rheumatology, Fibromyalgia affects up to 18 million – or as many …Read More

Your Chiropractor in Maitland, Florida

Hello Maitland! Dr. Channing Bolick and the staff of The Bolick Clinic of Chiropractic Wellness welcome you to our chiropractic blog. The purpose of this blog is to share tips and information with you. If you are not a patient, please go to our website and check out our “New Patient Specials” or visit us any time at our Maitland, FL office at 500 E. Horatio Ave. Please check back …Read More