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Ways To Alleviate Slipped Disc Pain With Chiropractic Care In Winter Park

Have you been recently suffering from a “slipped disc” in your back? This can be one of the most painful conditions that any one can experience. A “slipped disc” can make the normal challenges of a typical day into unbearable chores that are rife with pain Your spine is composed of a column of 33 bones called vertebrae that are stacked upon each other and are separated by spinal discs. …Read More

Maitland Chiropractor Herniated Disc

Herniated disc pain is a very common condition that we see and may be one of the most common origins of back pain.  What most people don’t realize is that 50% of the population may be walking around with a herniated disc – without any symptoms.   What are some things that can cause a herniated disc?  Sometimes it’s a trauma like an auto accident or sports injury.  Other times …Read More